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"I think we dream so we don't have to be apart so long. If we're in each others dreams. we can play together all night"
- Bill Watterson, author of Calvin  & Hobbes
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Purpose of foundation

Morgan’s passion for photography started in high school. While attending Bellaire High School, his photography teacher, Mrs. Merwin, encouraged Morgan’s creative spirit. After attending a New York City school trip, his senior year, he was hooked! His shots of buildings , and the city were alluring to others. Morgan’s keen eye for details continued when he was accepted to UT Austin art school. There he continued his artistic classes, but decided to move to the Radio, TV and Film school as his major. Morgan began volunteering for film projects in the Austin area and then completed an internship at UT Los Angeles, for Pier 59 Production Studios. He was located in Santa Monica and the  thoroughly enjoyed working in the equipment room ,learning all about the craft and the business. He was able to visit the home of a National Geographic photographer and was inspired that he wanted to make photography his business one day.

Morgan’s second passion was skateboarding. He loved shooting pictures at skateparks around Texas. He was well know in the Houston and Austin areas for his quality photo work and had many photos published. He was always saving his money for the next “latest and greatest” camera. His goal was to take his earnings from working in Mississippi and purchase the “ dream” camera to start his own photography business.

To honor his legacy the foundation will be supplying camera and photography materials to high schools in the Houston and Austin areas. Our hope is we can help support students and help them achieve their dreams.

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